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2016-09-23 01:10 am



Amuse boys gettin' laid. Yayyyy.

Remember my prev post! Lol, that wasn't so long ago now, is it?

So yeah, our dear Miura Haruma's got a chick. A hot and talented dancer, at that. Gee, I can't beat that. BUUUUT YAAAAY at least, we finally got to see him as a real human being with a love life!

Now eyeing Sato Takeru's future.

All's good, I hope it'd be an awesome ride for him and his gurl!
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2016-08-10 01:58 am


I can't. It's over. Eikuru Nana and cutie Kaku Kento have registered their marriage.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. yuck, let's stop that shitty kind of fangirling.

Anyways, hearing this news made me remember those awezum times I've been enamored by that Kaku smile and yep, those were the good 'ol days I swear. Now that he's getting married, I'm quite happy, since I've read interviews/articles about his perspective on love and dating, and yep yay finally, he's got someone he could be with and spend his future with. It's fine if it's not me, really.

Really. Lol.

Now I'm quite bothered since I just realized my fave jap actors are finally getting older and each of them settling down. To be honest, I'm still awestruck that it won't be long until Miura Haruma or Sato Takeru would also have their own news of getting married with some girl they love. Ah I really hope they'd be able to produce cute babies. Maybe I'll go for that instead, lol.

But seriously though, this friggin weather ain't gettin better. It's been rainy for like what, three days straight and I can't even wear my fave shoes. :(